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March Improvements ๐ŸŽ‰

New Improvement Fix 6 months ago

March is just beginning, but we already have some news!

Discord integration

Now you can receive product updates directly in your discord channel, like slack integration. For enable, discord integration click here

Google Analytics has upgraded to V4

Changelogfy now supports the new version of google analytics track codes.

Changelogs now can be duplicated

Now it is possible to duplicate a changelog for you to have more productivity in your day-to-day.

Share Changelogs

  • Possibility of copy permalink
  • Add share changelog inside of the widget

Bugs fixed

We fixed a bug that repeated reactions in changelogs on the portal and widget.

A lot of improvements on Changelogfy

New Improvement Fix Beta 10 months ago


  • We fixed the bug that when the widget was reopened a second time, it maintained the reading position. Now the top is always shown.
  • We fixed the infinite scroll bug that happened in some cases.
  • The bug that prevented the widget from being opened in incognito mode was fixed.


  • You can now edit feedbacks
  • You can now moderate feedbacks created by your users


  • You can now add a client via the admin interface
  • You now have information about which country your user is accessing.


  • Email notifications are now sent from โš ๏ธ
  • Minor UI improvements to the administrative panel interface in general.
  • Users with their expired test period can now export all of their self-service data.

November Updates

New Improvement Fix 10 months ago

We have a lot of things to share with us!

Added logout method, for more info, click here.
Added the possibility of disabling user email notifications by widget, for more info click here.

Now it's possible to disable and enable the Feedback module.
Now you can order your Feedback Labels.
Now you can export feedbacks data to CSV.

Now you can export roadmap data to CSV.

Now you can order your Changelog Labels.
Now it's possible to disable and enable the Changelog module.
Now you can export changelog data to CSV.

Now you can order your customers by last seen.
We made a fix in some accounts in customers duplicated.

Today is an important day for Changelogfy and we would like to share with you what changes from today.

The most critical point is the free plan that will be discontinued. However our original plans, Startup and Proย continue.

We also introduced two new modules:

Feedback Collection and Roadmap!

From now on you can collect feedback from your customers, prioritize their tasks, if you wish you can publish them on your roadmap, and finally publish your changelogs, all on a single platform, Changelogfy.

We have also made a small improvement to the Changelog module and from now on it supports multiple labels in a single post!

All plans now support user identification, just change your integration. For more information check our docs.

Any questions, please contact us by chat!

Fix slack integration

Fix 2 years ago

Hi Dear Changelog user,

We work with Slack team this week and fix integration. Now is working normally.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

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