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Today we launched a new editor for Changelogfy.

This editor contains many improvements and features requested by our users such as:

  • Native support for emojis
  • Resizing images
  • Resizing videos
  • Code samples now support multiple language
  • Improvements on markdown

This improvement is the first in a series of new updates that are expected to happen in Changelogfy soon.

From now on all users of the Pro plan, in addition to being able to insert javascript codes in their feed, can also customize their public page with css.

January improvements ⚙️🔥

Improvement 1 year ago



From now on, users from Brazil will be taxed in BRL (Stripe rules)

From now on you will also receive your invoice by email.


Widget Sidebar now has pagination

Some minor adjustments to the usability of the sidebar widget

Admin general:

We made some adjustments and now the mobile header works perfectly.


If visitor have a Gravatar we show it.

We introduced internal notes for visitor, they are notes where only your internal team will have access.

The visitor list has also been improved and now shows the amount of feedbacks and comments that a visitor has already made.

Now you can delete a visitor.

Improvements in the export of visitors, from now on all data is exported.

From now you have two widget options, popup and sidebar.

You can show complete posts, images, videos, code samples and etc. No need to redirect users to an external page.

The sidebar widget is in beta. To enable it, go to the widget settings or click here.

Let us know your feedback.



Updates 10.12.2019

Improvement 1 year ago


We have made improvements to Changelogfy's platform, check below:


1. You can now delete your account and project directly from the Changelogfy panel.

2. From now on, whenever your project receives feedback, you will be notified by email.

3. We made minor corrections to the changelog mobile page.

4. We've improved our widget experience, now when there's a new update, the red ball shakes to get more user attention.




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