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News on 2019-02-11

Improvement 2 years ago

Hello dear users of Changelogfy,

During our launch on ProducHunt, you helped us improve the project with feedback and reporting some bugs.

We work quickly to fix everything and here is the result of today.

  • We set the invitation of team members

We have added the following features.

  • Possibility of the user to register to receive updates in the changelog public page.
  • Possibility to enable or disable reactions inside a changelog post.
  • You can now delete a project

Hi dear Changelogfy users.

Today we have launched another incredible resource for you, from now your users will be able to react to your post as in the image below.

You'll follow the metrics directly in your administrative dashboard.

Google analytics

New 2 years ago

From today if you want to track your public changelog page in google analytics will be possible.

Just access your project settings, insert your Google Analytics tag as the data will start to appear in GA.

Any question we are available.


Custom domain

New 2 years ago


Starting today you could use a custom domain for your updates page.

Instead of using you can use

Click here to learn step-by-step how to set up your custom domain in changelogfy.

New RSS Feed!

New 2 years ago

Hello dear users of Changelogfy,

Today we have launched yet another feature, the RSS feed. So you can distribute your news also by RSS.

To access your feed, simply enter the domain of your changelogfy / rss.



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